Josh Wein

Software Developer

Programming Skills


Java C JavaScript PHP

Libraries and Frameworks

jQuery Bootstrap JavaFX Swing
JUnit & PHPUnit Spring Maven Ivy



Version Control

Git/Github Subversion


Currently on course to graduate from Stony Brook University with a BS in Computer Science in 2017.


Computer Science II - Java, Data Structures

Computer Science III - Java, Javafx, Design Patterns

Systems Fundamentals I - MIPS, Computer Architecture

Systems Fundamentals II - C, Version Control, Multi-Threaded Programming

Operating Systems - C

Natural Language Processing - Language Modeling, Information Extraction, NLP Techniques

Cloud Computing - HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, NGINX/Apache, RabbitMQ, MySQL/MongoDB, Linux Administration

Computer Music - Web Audio


Endless Trailers

Website where users can watch endless(80) amounts of trailers filtered by genre, actor and other filters.


View on Github


Cloud Computing Project - Muse is a realtime multiplayer music experience in the same vein as Plink. It was created mostly using Javascript, HTML5 Canvas, and NodeJS with Socket.IO for the realtime functionality as well as room seperation. The sounds were created in Ableton Live.

You can access a non multiplayer version of it here.


Chrome extension that injects bootstrap style into any website. Allows the user to save websites to inject automatically

Chrome Store Link

View on Github

NLP Sentence Generator

Cloud Computing Project - Generates sentences for a given topic using NLP techniques and backed by a 600,000 tweet corpus database.

View it here

Key Rotation Decryptor/Encryptor

JavaScript implementation of the Vigenère cipher/Key Rotation.Decrypts and encrypts text based on the given key.

View it here

Reddit Design Tutorials

Ongoing project to create video tutorials focusing on specific aspects of designing subreddits on using CSS.

Currently has over 100,000 views.

This Website

This site was created using: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and JQuery.

View on Github

Editable Scalable Wiki

Cloud Computing Project - Editable wiki created running on a full stack setup using: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, and PHP for the frontend; RabbitMQ for messaging; and a multi-server MongoDB sharded setup for the backend with REST API support.

Journey Through Europe

Computer Science III Project - Recreated the Journey Through Europe board game using JavaFX.

Designed AI that could complete a 6 player game completely controlled by the AI.


Work Experience

BlackRock Inc. June 2016 - July 2016

Software Engineering Intern

Viacom Jan 2016 - May 2016

Multiplatform Engineering Intern

Everest BBN Feb 2013 - Aug 2013

Network Intern

Teaching Assistant

CSE 219 - Computer Science III

CSE 393 - Computer Music


Tutored the following courses for Stony Brook's Academic Success and Tutoring Department:

Introduction to Computer Science CSE 110

Fundamentals of computer science; algorithmic design, problem-solving techniques for computer programming, fundamentals of digital logic and computer organization.

Computer Science I CSE 114

Program structure, conditional and iterative programming, procedures, arrays and records, object classes, encapsulation, information hiding, inheritance, polymorphism, file I/O.

Computer Science II CSE 214

Programming and applications of data structures; stacks, queues, lists, binary trees, heaps, priority queues, balanced trees and graphs, recursive programming and sorting and searching algorithms.

Foundations of Computer Science CSE 215

Logic; functions, relations, and sets; recursion and functional programming; elementary logic; and mathematical induction and other proof techniques.